The Four Collector's Edition (4 DVD Set) ae-17469 Brea Bennett Cassidey Nikki Kane Renee Perez

女优: Brea Bennett   Cassidey   Nikki Kane   Renee Perez  
片商: Adam & Eve
番号: ae-17469
发行日期: 2012-01-24
播放时长: 255 分钟
Michael Ninn renders the power and the passion of feminine heart in a fantasy battle of four women sworn to revenge following the downfall of the Spartans after The BBattle of Thermopylae in ancient Greece.
It is 480 BC and the 300 elite soldiers of Leonidas have been destroyed by the Persian army. As the Grecian gorces invade Sparta, four surviving Spartan widows of the 300 swear revenge for their husbands and unite to assanssinate Persian God - King Xerxes.
The Oracle unable to stop the impending demise of Greece, grants each of these four women the strength, power and courage of the 300 brace warriors who died in battle, allowing these few brave souls to stike a final blow in the name of their lovers and their land.
Bringing Michael Ninn's ode to the beauty and strength of woman to the adult audience with a fantastical movie enhanced with the Ninn Worx team's unparalleled imagery to create an epic of sex and revenge, starring the most beautiful women in adult entertainment. Ninn Worx contract girls, Brea Bennett, Cassidey, Nikki Kane and Renee Perez portray the woman warriors vowed to avenge their men and their nation's brave souls.

--By the of Sparta, that which anoints the arrows of the accursed immortals that follow the Persian ruler Xerxes, which have laid low the mighty Leonidas. These sacred relics, collected and preserved by the gentle hands of Queen Gorgo and her Siss in the sorrow raining down upon the lands of Laconia.--

--Now is the time to reveal the hidden. The hope of Sparta aflame in their hearts, the fairest the sun ever set eyes upon; Gorgo, Mycale, Salamis, and Plataea.--

Disc One ~ Feature Presentaintion Part I
1. Deathe of a King
2. Winds of Change
3. The Oracle Will Dance
4. Dreams of a God
5. Bow Before Me
6. Maycales' Journey

Disc Two ~ Feature Presentaintion Part II
1. Crawl to Me
2. Salamis' Journey
3. Valor and Passion
4. palataea's Journey
5. A God That s
6. A New Hope

Disc Three ~ The Making of the Four
1. The Journey Begans
2. On Set with Cassidey
3. On Set with Renee
4. On Set with Nikki
5. The Battle
6. Mr. King
7. On Set with Jeniffer Dark
8. Reno Talks
9. It All comes together
10. Jana & Amber
11. Cover Art
12. The Journeys Continues
13. Photo Gallery

Disc Four ~ Meet the Women of Ninn Worx
1. Interview Part One
2. Meet Brea Bennett
3. Meet Renee Perez
4. Meet Nikki Kane
5. Meet Cassidey
6. Meet Jana Jordan
7. Interview Part Two
8. Bonus Photos

**this item does not come with a cover jacket for International orders. (BOX COVER)

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